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DVDASA is a show hosted by The Top Paid Interior Decorator in the World David Choe and the #1 Porn Star Asa Akira.

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DVDASA Saga 02

Saga 02 : Chapter 001 : The Ranch : Part IV
Saga 02 : Chapter 002 : Sardines
Saga 02 : Chapter 003 : The Window
Saga 02 : Chapter 004 : Cock Blocked
Saga 02 : Chapter 005 : Rude Jude Angelini, Jessica Cribbon and Vivian Kindle
Saga 02 : Chapter 006 : Standing 69
Saga 02 : Chapter 007 : The Macau Brothers
Saga 02 : Chapter 008 : Felt Like Heaven
Saga 02 : Chapter 009 : Torlando
Saga 02 : Chapter 010 : Bane Lee
Saga 02 : Chapter 011 : Dr. Dave
Saga 02 : Chapter 012 : Tightey Whiteys
Saga 02 : Chapter 013 : The Perfect Woman & A Proposition
Saga 02 : Chapter 014 : The Redzone Wrestle Trial of Steve Lee
Saga 02 : Chapter 015 : Redzone All The Time: The Choe Chang Method Men Evolution
Saga 02 : Chapter 016 : Death Stars, Stevie Mcqueenie & The Mysterious Middle Eastern
Saga 02 : Chapter 017 : Mutants, True Love & An Igloo Dong Origin Orgy
Saga 02 : Chapter 018 : The Marriage Proposal & The Critter Conundrum
Saga 02 : Chapter 019 : Business as Usual : A Trannying Day Special
Saga 02 : Chapter 020 : The Negotiation
Saga 02 : Chapter 021 : The Ranch Solo Series 3 The Lost Episode
Saga 02 : Chapter 022 : A Scrotum Fire, A Bobby Birthday & The Unnuttable
Saga 02 : Chapter 022B : The "B" Is for Bonus Episode
Saga 02 : Chapter 023 : In Choe We Trust
Saga 02 : Chapter 024 : World Whore Z
Saga 02 : Chapter 025 : American Whoreror Story
Saga 02 : Chapter 026 : The Bobby Trivia Dating Show
Saga 02 : Chapter 027 : Fucking Canada
Saga 02 : Chapter 028 : New Year New You NURU
Saga 02 : Chapter 029 : The Sedoner Boner Mushroom Strip
Saga 02 : Chapter 030 : The Trial Of Poon
Saga 02 : Chapter 030B : Inside The Alien Actor’s Studio

The Ranch Readings


We have some special shit for you today. For all of you asking and whining for some new shit- fuck you. This is for the patient motherfuckers, the ones who keep moving, who don’t try- this is for those who do. Tonight we got some top secret shit for you. We’re going to show you the sedition of four audition tapes cut together for an Off-Broadway show called The Ranch. Featuring The King Roddy Piper, Slink aka Black Jesus, Friday Night Lights’ Zach Gilford and Fancy Hong aka Stacy Adams acting as the character of your savior: David Choe. Watch them teach you the lessons that you should have already learned. To be attentive to your curiosity, and more importantly, to have the courage to follow through. To keep going, keep moving, keep running, keep drawing, keep cumming and never stop. Don’t try. Don’t wait. Get scared, get scarred. Be confident. Be yourself and fuck everyone else. Serve. Do good. Put on your cum mitts and commit fully. Make it to the top of the mountain. Enter the CHOEMATRIX and enter The Ranch. This isn’t for everyone. The only thing guaranteed in life is death. But what you make lives forever. The creator doesn’t matter- it’s what’s created. Even something that’s done lives on. In the end, all you have is yourself and no one is going to save you but you. Enough of this blah shit bullshit- it’s time for me to stop telling you what to do and for you to do it yourself. The nest is a mess, time for you to fly or die trying. Go-


David Choe
Slink Johnson
Zach Gilford
Roddy Piper
Stacy Adams

Previous Episodes of The Ranch Series

Saga 01 | Episode 101 - The Ranch Solo Series Part One
Saga 01 | Episode 119 - The Ranch Solo Series Part Two
Saga 02 | Chapter 021 | The Ranch Solo Series #3 The Lost Episode

Hong Dynasty

Hong Dynasty Official Trailer

The Macau Brothers

A DVDASA Mini-Series Spinoff starring regular cast members Steve Lee and Bill Poon.

Fearing that Steve Lee would fall in love with the first groupie that looked at him after MANGCHI gets its first Rolling Stone cover, David Choe sent him, along with Bill Poon (well known for his closely guarded orgasms) to the Men's Saunas of Macau to fuck the poison out and report back to DVDASA Headquarters.

View Trailer for The Macau Brothers

@macaubrothers on Instagram


The Macau Brothers : Episode One : The Adventure Begins
The Macau Brothers : Episode Two : Emperors
The Macau Brothers : Episode Three : Wildcard
The Macau Brothers : Episode Four : Raw Dog Revelations and The World Cum World Cup
The Macau Brothers : Episode Five : Sex, Cries & Videotape: A Choe Trump Card & The End Of The Road
The Macau Brothers : Episode Six : Hong Hong Kong Kong

Bonus Footage

MANGCHI - These are the People Music Video- All Macau Footage on vidme
MANGCHI - Gook Boy Music Video- All Macau Footage on vidme
Window Diaries #503 on vidme
Window Diaries Stan Gurthwind on vidme
Keep Em Comin' on vidme
The Benucci Brothers on vidme

November 2nd

The internet broke during our full 25hr day of magical creation and broadcasting on Sunday November 2nd, 2014.
Go to to dig through the wreckage of the LIVE DVDASA broadcast, "Best reddit AMA of all time", then DVDASA Wedding.

November 2nd : The Longest Day
November 2nd : A Naked Starfish and The Most Dangerous Show On Earth.
November 2nd : The People That We Want To Be With: A Saga of Pornstar Tears & Korean Spawn


The Choe Method works and is 100% real.


David Choe (Host)
Asa Akira (Host)
Steve Lee
Bobby Trivia
Bill Poon
Yacuzzi Boy
Money Mark

Featured Guests

David Chang
James Jean
Heather Leather
Bobby Lee
Slink Johnson
Cousin Endo
Stacy Adams
5 Cent
Sign Language Guy
Joe Rogan
John Cusack

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Hong Dynasty
The Macau Brothers
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Standing 69
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MANGCHI (A gospel/punk band birthed from DVDASA)

Reverse Birthday
Eega Moya
MANGCHI on iTunes

Bobby Trivia (David Choe's Accountant / Rapper / Falsetto Vocalist)

Into The Limelight (2013)
Orion's Belt (2014)

DVDASA Theme Music

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